Friday, June 26, 2009

The Death of a Legend

It was just another day and I was happily walking up to my friends in school when one of them comes up to me with a morose look on her face and says, "We are mourning the death of Michael Jackson."

I stood frozen to the spot for five minutes trying to take it all in.
He. Is. Dead.

Music speaks to me. Music is the way I stay alive in the world. I keep a smile plastered on my face because music makes it O.K. Music has the power washing away feelings and letting your mind focus on the song and the song only. That is how powerful it is to me.
I never leave my house without my iPod. It is almost like my source of oxygen, it cures my headaches and fades my problems into the music. I forget all about them and enter a whole new world.

As I stood there, frozen, songs were rushing through my head. The first Michael Jackson song that I had ever heard was 'Heal the World', back when I was in fourth grade. We had to sing it in school. I didn't even know it was a Michael Jackson song. As I sang the lyrics, I was introduced to a whole new dimension of music. The song moves people, it tells them to pick themselves up and make the world 'a better place'. It makes you
want to do so. Michael Jackson took the world on a ride, I was lucky enough to be dragged along.

Whether it was his unnatural dance moves or his amazing voice... he made onlookers faint, he made people go crazy about him. He was the icon of all icons. He always had something new to him. He was a man who went through everything: fame, shame, riches, poor, happiness and sorrow. His voice was unique and it touched the heart of millions. He is said to be the most famous person ever, and he is the record holder of the most number of albums sold.

One of my other friends had bought five tickets to go see his comeback show in London and is now devastated and is purely convinced that karma is against him. "Well, at least you're not Michael!" was my reply. I envy him. He is the owner of five tickets to the last show planned of the King of Pop! That is just so crazy... Seriously.

This is my version of a eulogy. This is my version of saying goodbye for now. It shall never be a final goodbye because Michael Jackson lives in his music. That is how he is and how he should be. The man is an inspiration for anyone. Even villagers in this minuscule island of Sri Lanka, knows who he is!
We'll miss you M.J! Rock in Peace!

"Music has been my outlet, my gift to all of the lovers in this world. Through it — my music, I know I will live forever."
~Michael Jackson on his work, Ebony Magazine December 2007.