Thursday, September 25, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic

The Shopaholic is me, in case you did not figure it out. I went shopping all over Male' tonight, on FOOT mind you! I mean, I love walking and all but ALL over Male' is A LOT of walking. It's not as big as most places but trust me, it's a lot harder when you have to squeeze past gross people who are either yelling into cellphones, smelly and sweaty or standard perverts who try to grab at you whenever they brush past. Seriously, those are stereo-type of people you might pass on the street. Wait, I forgot to mention the hot guy who does not try to grab you but smiles as you brush past... that could make the day of any sane shopper.

Another thing which even Beginner Shoppers like me should like are clothes that look good on you. No offense or anything to the shop owners but the majority of you people sell crap.. seriously, you do; which is why if I ever need to get anything worth wearing more than once, I have to scout from one end of the city to the other just to go one shop and then to the opposite end to get something else. Although I have to admit, the ecstasy of getting the perfect top or the shoes that FINALLY fit your abnormally tiny feet is TOTALLY worth it!

I have no idea what took over me tonight. I mean, I am usually the type of person who completely HATES shopping. Tonight, though, I think I enjoyed it up to the extent where I tricked my mother into carrying that bag with the hole in the bottom and all the stuff in the bag came piling out onto the street. Lolz. It was totally funny for me at least, maybe not so much for her though.

At least we had a mother-daughter bonding moment. How often does that happen? Answer: Not that often.

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to shop."
- Bo Dereck -

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moments that Take Your Breath Away

This is going to be a very random post coming totally out of nowhere... but I felt I should blog about this since it totally touched my heart.

So... in the taxi on my way home there was this little girl who was a girl the taxi driver dropped home everyday from school. The road to my house was blocked so we took a detour and dropped her home first.

The girl was about four or five years old and when we got there her housemaid was waiting to taker her into the house. All her efforts to drag her into the house were in vain since she just kept on singing and dancing. You should have seen the serene smile on her face as she sang, that kind of serenity is present only in little kiddies. I could not hear the song but I could feel the movements as she shook her body from side to side. It was utterly beautiful.

Words cannot express exactly how the moment was. She was stopping traffic with her singing! I felt pity for the housemaid as she shouted but, the shouts fell on deaf ears for the girl was not in this world. This world of traffic, time and business was not familiar to her. She was in the childish world where everyone's entitled to their own happy ending and Wonderland is everyone's destiny.

Jeez, when did I lose my entrance ticket to that world? Damn.... I seriously need to find it. I mean, that kind of serenity is something which I would kill for (NO, I won't kill her!) I think I just got caught in that moment.

"To dance takes strength, artistry and passion. You can express any emotion possible in the most beautiful form, if you're willing to take the first step." -Anonymous-

Friday, September 19, 2008

Reflections on My Mirror

"What do people see when they look at me?" that is the question that worked its way into my mind this morning while I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror (NO, I was NOT naked!). I really do wonder what people see. Do they see the same face I see everyday. The hair which sometimes looks black and sometimes brown... the eye which turn hazel in the sun and ebony indoors... and skin which is highly problematic most of the time. Seriously, I sometimes wonder if my eyes lie to me (silly and downright outrageous, I know). But, it does not hurt to wonder... does it? If it is true, it's not like you're ever going to find out.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One of those.. TAGS!!!

I am: trying to change.
I think: therefore I am.
I know: you'll probably think this is a load of crap!
I want: to find something a bit more solid to write about

I have: tons of friends and people I love :D
I wish: I had more friends and people I love.. yes, apparently.. I'm greedy! (Who knew??)

I hate: nothing at all! I became all that I hated, so I stopped hating.
I miss: last year.. the entire year!! (Mafaxo, Sama, Nashith and I!!!)
I fear: crowds of people... I seriously don't get why people have to crowd... it's not like it's GOOD
I hear: people talking. Love em!! Their noises assure me that I am not alone!

I smell: like Body Butter.. Shea :) ( The Body Shop.. lurvvee it!!)
I crave: chocolate cake!! I don't get why it's SOOOOO utterly delicious!
I search: for something... I don't even know what it is!

I wonder: if there is a punishment for Mafaxo for teasing as well! Not that I wish to indulge in it, but I might if no one’s penalizing me for it.
I regret: making the wrong choice... (I'm gonna say the veryyy mysteriously)
I love: you-know-who... and I most certainly don't mean Voldemort!
I ache: for God knows what..
I was not: the same person yesterday!
I am not: an obsessive person
I cry: when... uhhh.. WHEN???
I believe: in happy endings, fairy tales and... LOL prince charming!!
I dance: like a crazy person.. yes.. I am lying.. I am a good dancer.. :P
I sing: in the shower.. sometimes, I happen to be a very good bathroom singer with a solo album of 22 hits! :P
I read: wayyy too much! My mum is trying to throw away most of em.. because I'm evolving into a bookworm... (Like, that's possible for her to throw em away!!!)
I don’t always: joke around! Someone please take me seriously!!!
I fight: for men’s rights!! (Only the sexy ones)
I write: love notes on walls of historic buildings!
I win: thumb-wrestling games with my bro.. (younger bro.. of course!)
I lose: my temper very easily!
I never: leave home without eyeliner n mascara :P ( except for school.. but i do break that rule sometimes.. I am SUCH a rebel.. teehee :P )
I always: have a spare hair band in case my hair goes wildly insane!
I confuse: everything and everyone around.. sometimes even myself!!
I listen: only when you talk sense.... the rest of the time.. I'm the just nodding along!

I can usually be found: on MSN I know my life sucks! :P
I am scared: of myself.. I know.. I can destroy my own self.
I need: some money! Actually a lot of money for the JimmyChoo’s :P
I am happy: on my birthday... even if I don't get anything...
I imagine: your state if you’ve really read this post till this full stop.

Friday, September 12, 2008


What it means to me......
Love means:

  • feeling absurdly high and knowing sure as hell you're not on drugs
  • having a reason to smile during the day even though the day is total crap
  • being inspired by it to never give up hope on the childish fantasy of having a happily ever after and prince charming
  • losing all righteousness and being wild, wacky and down right outrageous
  • knowing that even if you yell, even if he yells, you both will still be there for each other (that kind of reassurance is what people need, I tell you!!)
  • not giving a crap when you eat that last piece of chocolate cake because you know he'll tell you look great anyways... (just kidding with this one, the truthful types tell the truth no matter what)
  • (in connection with the point above) that you'll spend the next few minutes arguing about the fact that you've got extra point while mischievously laughing about it because you both know you're just kidding
  • not caring about the fact that even though it is risky and a bad idea... and still doing it anyways.. :D
  • feeling like jumping in the air, dancing around and singing corny songs for absolutely no reason
  • knowing there's no such thing as time... time loses all meaning with love
  • stopping signing letter to your close friends with love, because you have letters to someone else to sign them THAT way
  • having no subject out of limits... (I seriously do mean NO subjects) LOLZ!
  • you stop envying the girl on TV for getting the hot guy because you know that yours is a million times better!
  • the start looking at roses (which you previously HATED) and started thinking that maybe people weren't exactly THAT stupid about being so crazy about roses
  • laughing together for hours and thinking that it has only been a few minutes (kinda goes with the time thing... WHO CARES!!!??)
  • reading soppy love poems and listening to songs that makes you realize that they were not so bad after all
  • painting using the shades of red and pink all the time.. SERIOUSLY! It gets annoying at one point...
  • drawing hearts all over your textbook, notebooks and anything else you get your hands on! (my mum kills me about this one... though I don't intend on stopping, teehee!)
  • doodling love quotes on the pages of your sketchbook
  • feeling like getting up bright and early (which you normally would NEVER do) because it's another day with HIM/HER!!
  • reading this whole infernal thing and making your own list of stuff about you!
See... see, what you keep doing to me. I do not ramble on and on like this. Lolz! So... what does love mean to you? Do you love LOVe, or hate LOVE (shame on you if the latter is so!)??

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue Tears

* Blue tears is actually a poem written by my BFF Malees... I loved it and couldn't think of any other title for this post.

A, cried in school today. It was heart-breaking. Poor guy... I guess you never expect someone whom you think you're going to spend forever with to break your heart and leave you to sweep up all the messy pieces. Why does that all sound TOO familiar???

Anyways, Rimie is hosting a roadha villun thing in her house... Can't wait for it! We have this huge plan for it (by we, I mean me, Manaal, Rimie and Isse) and hopefully, all runs smoothly and A, will brighten up!

After all this sad talk, I seriously need something brighter... although, this is supposed to be a sad post. So.. nevermind the happiness and let this be sad. Uggghh.. when did it get so complicated to be a human being.. Great! Now I'm jealous of Stonehenge people! Lolz!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Scribbles

~ Went back to school.. which was totally AWESOME! I had no idea I missed all those people. LOL! I even missed Ms. Z our class teacher. That part got me kinda surprised because I HAD NO IDEA I missed her until I saw her and burst out laughing. I hadn't laughed like that in a loooong time. Felt good to be back.

~ Did not finish my Dhivehi homework. LOL! No surprise there. Same as usual... only this time, it's FREE TOPIC. I HATE FREE TOPIC! I'm never going to get this one done.. I swear..

~ Chocolate cake... I seem to be eating too much of that. But I like venting with it... I know, I KNOW! I CAN'T KEEP VENTING WITH CAKE! I SERIOUSLY need to find something as a replacement.. any ideas, people??

~ Turtles and Garfield... ode to childish obsessions we never seem to let go.. :D

Anyways, I loved this Sunday.. better than all the rest so far... and things seem to keep looking up.. :D