Friday, September 12, 2008


What it means to me......
Love means:

  • feeling absurdly high and knowing sure as hell you're not on drugs
  • having a reason to smile during the day even though the day is total crap
  • being inspired by it to never give up hope on the childish fantasy of having a happily ever after and prince charming
  • losing all righteousness and being wild, wacky and down right outrageous
  • knowing that even if you yell, even if he yells, you both will still be there for each other (that kind of reassurance is what people need, I tell you!!)
  • not giving a crap when you eat that last piece of chocolate cake because you know he'll tell you look great anyways... (just kidding with this one, the truthful types tell the truth no matter what)
  • (in connection with the point above) that you'll spend the next few minutes arguing about the fact that you've got extra point while mischievously laughing about it because you both know you're just kidding
  • not caring about the fact that even though it is risky and a bad idea... and still doing it anyways.. :D
  • feeling like jumping in the air, dancing around and singing corny songs for absolutely no reason
  • knowing there's no such thing as time... time loses all meaning with love
  • stopping signing letter to your close friends with love, because you have letters to someone else to sign them THAT way
  • having no subject out of limits... (I seriously do mean NO subjects) LOLZ!
  • you stop envying the girl on TV for getting the hot guy because you know that yours is a million times better!
  • the start looking at roses (which you previously HATED) and started thinking that maybe people weren't exactly THAT stupid about being so crazy about roses
  • laughing together for hours and thinking that it has only been a few minutes (kinda goes with the time thing... WHO CARES!!!??)
  • reading soppy love poems and listening to songs that makes you realize that they were not so bad after all
  • painting using the shades of red and pink all the time.. SERIOUSLY! It gets annoying at one point...
  • drawing hearts all over your textbook, notebooks and anything else you get your hands on! (my mum kills me about this one... though I don't intend on stopping, teehee!)
  • doodling love quotes on the pages of your sketchbook
  • feeling like getting up bright and early (which you normally would NEVER do) because it's another day with HIM/HER!!
  • reading this whole infernal thing and making your own list of stuff about you!
See... see, what you keep doing to me. I do not ramble on and on like this. Lolz! So... what does love mean to you? Do you love LOVe, or hate LOVE (shame on you if the latter is so!)??