Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue Tears

* Blue tears is actually a poem written by my BFF Malees... I loved it and couldn't think of any other title for this post.

A, cried in school today. It was heart-breaking. Poor guy... I guess you never expect someone whom you think you're going to spend forever with to break your heart and leave you to sweep up all the messy pieces. Why does that all sound TOO familiar???

Anyways, Rimie is hosting a roadha villun thing in her house... Can't wait for it! We have this huge plan for it (by we, I mean me, Manaal, Rimie and Isse) and hopefully, all runs smoothly and A, will brighten up!

After all this sad talk, I seriously need something brighter... although, this is supposed to be a sad post. So.. nevermind the happiness and let this be sad. Uggghh.. when did it get so complicated to be a human being.. Great! Now I'm jealous of Stonehenge people! Lolz!