Saturday, September 13, 2008

One of those.. TAGS!!!

I am: trying to change.
I think: therefore I am.
I know: you'll probably think this is a load of crap!
I want: to find something a bit more solid to write about

I have: tons of friends and people I love :D
I wish: I had more friends and people I love.. yes, apparently.. I'm greedy! (Who knew??)

I hate: nothing at all! I became all that I hated, so I stopped hating.
I miss: last year.. the entire year!! (Mafaxo, Sama, Nashith and I!!!)
I fear: crowds of people... I seriously don't get why people have to crowd... it's not like it's GOOD
I hear: people talking. Love em!! Their noises assure me that I am not alone!

I smell: like Body Butter.. Shea :) ( The Body Shop.. lurvvee it!!)
I crave: chocolate cake!! I don't get why it's SOOOOO utterly delicious!
I search: for something... I don't even know what it is!

I wonder: if there is a punishment for Mafaxo for teasing as well! Not that I wish to indulge in it, but I might if no one’s penalizing me for it.
I regret: making the wrong choice... (I'm gonna say the veryyy mysteriously)
I love: you-know-who... and I most certainly don't mean Voldemort!
I ache: for God knows what..
I was not: the same person yesterday!
I am not: an obsessive person
I cry: when... uhhh.. WHEN???
I believe: in happy endings, fairy tales and... LOL prince charming!!
I dance: like a crazy person.. yes.. I am lying.. I am a good dancer.. :P
I sing: in the shower.. sometimes, I happen to be a very good bathroom singer with a solo album of 22 hits! :P
I read: wayyy too much! My mum is trying to throw away most of em.. because I'm evolving into a bookworm... (Like, that's possible for her to throw em away!!!)
I don’t always: joke around! Someone please take me seriously!!!
I fight: for men’s rights!! (Only the sexy ones)
I write: love notes on walls of historic buildings!
I win: thumb-wrestling games with my bro.. (younger bro.. of course!)
I lose: my temper very easily!
I never: leave home without eyeliner n mascara :P ( except for school.. but i do break that rule sometimes.. I am SUCH a rebel.. teehee :P )
I always: have a spare hair band in case my hair goes wildly insane!
I confuse: everything and everyone around.. sometimes even myself!!
I listen: only when you talk sense.... the rest of the time.. I'm the just nodding along!

I can usually be found: on MSN I know my life sucks! :P
I am scared: of myself.. I know.. I can destroy my own self.
I need: some money! Actually a lot of money for the JimmyChoo’s :P
I am happy: on my birthday... even if I don't get anything...
I imagine: your state if you’ve really read this post till this full stop.


huvandu said...

wow....tats a LOT about u!

*~*Ryn*~* said...

hehe.. i didn't think you would read the entire thing!