Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy Living Life Out There... (Yes, there!)

I know, I know. I have been gone for a very very long time. But I have a good excuse!!! You see, I was busy living life. Hah! You can never top that.

I am rambling. Got to stop the rambling.

Haha. Living life has made me very hyper, as you can clearly see (or read, whichever is more appropriate).

Here's all that has happened:

  • I cut my hair! Just little trim. Much to my annoyance, it seems to have grown back to the way it was within a very short period of time. Two weeks to be exact. I had to go through pain and agony for the haircut, too. The dude who was cutting my hair, dropped the thick brush that is used to do blow-drying with, onto the top of my head!!! Never cut your hair in a place where a television is on!
  • A dead frog was found outside our lockers. It was lying there with its tongue sticking out. No one knows where it came from. Probably escaped from the science lab. I felt bad for the poor froggie.
  • The next morning I had to see a crow eat the frog. Literally, tear its skin and flesh (or whatever it is that frogs have) apart. Not a very pleasant sight during the early hours of the day. I now hate that crow. Not all crows, just that one (although I can't exactly tell any crows apart).
  • I got new glasses which are Armani!!! :D :D Yay!! It's black and rectangular and nerdy. I LOVE EM! My mum got pissed off because I did not pick any of the fancy coloured ones that she pointed out. All the more reasons why I love my new ones.
  • My valentines day was all about watching the school play and it was about "Animal Farm." I spent valentines with animals. Someone please feel sorry for me.
  • On second thought, don't. Because I had tons of fun that night with my friends. Tip: Animals are sometimes a lot more fun than you think.
  • There IS such a thing as global warming and I feel the heat every single day at lunch. Can anyone get me a deal with the Coca Cola Company to get me free drinks everyday? Just one per day. Or two. Okay, maybe three. Or four. Fine! FIVE.
  • I actually like geography. Ha ha.

Okay that's it. I've run out of things. I know the stuff that I've given are random... :D


noelia ~ said...

my bf went to a barber shop the other day and the guy cutting his hair was paying more attention to the tv than to him! i was kinda scared he was going to cut something wrong cause i was gonna have to be the one hearing him complain hahaha (nothing happened, thank god).

awesome that you're back! and i didn't do much on valentine's either. went to the movies and then back home. the bf bought me 10 pounds of chocolate though! ^_^

*~*Ryn*~* said...

I was scared I might end up with a huge bump on the middle of my head. XD

Awww.. he's sweet for buying you chocolates. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome BACK!

Armani... ooh! :D

Anonymous said...

I love Geography too...
am a geography student!
I really loved the comment about "feeling the heat".lolzzz

Anonymous said...

welcome back! :)

*~*Ryn*~* said...

Ki, Mithe & Leo: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! :D