Sunday, March 15, 2009

25 Things - Tagged by Ki ( luv ya girlie)

So let's get started...

  1. I spell my name is two ways "Aryn" and "Areen". Which way I spell depends on my mood.
  2. I LOVE sour mangoes. I do. It is one of the main fruits keeping my from getting scurvy from lack of Vitamin C. (Do mangoes even have vitamin C?)
  3. Oranges. Love. LOVE. I chased after a kid who stole my orange all round school. He had to hide in the guy's toilet to get away from me. Boy did I wish I was a guy at that time.
  4. I can't go anywhere without my iPod. I can't even sleep without music blaring into my ears. It's comforting.
  5. I'm allergic to my locker key. If I hold it for too long it causes the skin on my hand to peel off. It is irritating because I keep leaving it at places and then freaking out about it.
  6. I have a HUGE cuddly monkey! I bought it last year and when I went back home I had to carry the HUGE monkey all round the airport and in the flight because it was too big for my suitcase. People kept staring at me because I looked like a three year old with her teddy, only mine was a monkey and it would have been bigger than a three year old.
  7. I've become a fruit addict recently. All the weird fried stuff in the canteen creep me out and I quickly grab the lime juice and run. I know, I find it weird too.
  8. I am not a fan of babies. Crying, screaming and wailing is not my thing. I don't at once think they are cute. If it's your baby I'll smile and tickle him/her but I will not try to hold him/her. Holding to me is a BIG no-no. It's just scary, okay?
  9. I get CRAZY air-sick. Meaning, I throw up anything and everything inside my stomach. Eating before flying, not a good idea. Even still I find french fries a bit gross.
  10. Even though I puke my stomach out, I still love to travel and see places. It's my new plan. Study, study, study and travel, travel, travel, travel. Notice how there's three "studies" and four ''travels". ;)
  11. I hate math but I LOVE algebra. I can wrap my mind around it and it makes me FEEL smart.
  12. I love quotes. Quotes have the power of making me happy when I'm sad.
  13. Thirteen is my lucky number. I know it's said to be unlucky but it's NOT. Seriously. I shall defend the luckiness of thirteen forever.
  14. It's the jersey number of someone and I used to make fun of him because of it. Hah!
  15. I say the word 'okay' wayyy too much when I'm chatting with a certain someone. A very kind person should stick around and shove words into my mouth often or wave a dictionary in front of my face because I terribly need it.
  16. I love glitter but I hate it when it sticks onto my hands and face and won't go off. I used to collect glitter when I was two. Seriously, not kidding.
  17. I am patient but I have my limits. I cannot stand excessive talking. Some people need to learn to shut up.
  18. I always injure myself without knowing. Just the other day, I cut my finger and didn't know about it until it turned white when I wet my hands.
  19. I am a punctual freak. I get irritated and annoyed if I ever get late to go somewhere. I either always turn up early or right on time. The early bird catches the worm and that is totally fine with me. Unless I'm the worm.
  20. I love singing. I used to hate it (you could NEVER get me to sing in front of people, ever!) but I will now do it without the invitation to. You may find it annoying that I burst into song at critical moments but you can always count on my for sound effects. :)
  21. I love the happy tree friends cartoon. I watch them whenever I need a laugh on Youtube.
  22. I LOVE shopping for clothes. I HATE trying on stuff.
  23. This cartoon can make me laugh at ANY time!
  24. I LOVE Adam Lambert on American Idol. The dude is CRAZY good.
  25. I love doing these crazy tags. XD
I tag Mithe and Anths. Much luv to ya!


Anonymous said...

I have already done the tag..You must see it gal. I will change the heading to include your name...
You are allergic to your locker key?(whoa!)
You spell your name differently depending on your mood-thats really really unique...which mood is when?
PS:I have written a new poem too, hope you get the time to see it:)

*~*Ryn*~* said...

Awww... everyone has already done it.;)

Hehe.. the mood thing depends on stuff that happens.

Your poem was wonderful. :D

noelia ~ said...

i think the glitter one is funny! (not in a bad way, but cute) i've always been extra precautious w/ glitter cause of just that, it sticks to everything! it's like sand!

and i feel the same way as you about shopping. i love getting new things but trying them on, they don't fit, go get it the other size, try it again.. so annoying! i sort of plan it, wear easy to take off clothes/shoes lol

*~*Ryn*~* said...

Hehe.. I do the shoes thing too! :D
I find it a hassle if it's hard to take them off.

x@hu said...

the famous 25 things tag huh? :) i've seen it floating around blogger and facebook. am gonna have fun doing it! :D

btw, u dont do babies? *skeptical look* then what was all that with the twins?? O_O

yeah, excessive talking and u.... a no-no! but i'll still annoy u! :P :P

*~*Ryn*~* said...

The whole thing with the twins was.. hehe because of aani. You know how much I adore her. :D

Hope you have loads of fun doing the tag.

Diana said...

Interesting facts sweety...that monkey thing is cho cuteee!!

Hws life dear?

*~*Ryn*~* said...

hehe.. thanks. Life is awesome. What about you?

pisku said...

been here after a while.

I'm a sour mango freak too :)