Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ashes of Dreams You Let Die

We all have dreams. When we were six years old, wearing a pink tutu and tights, running around the house, wishing to be a ballerina; that’s a dream. Or when we were twelve, thinking that modeling or becoming a ballerina is foolish, we start wishing to become a neuron surgeon just so that the money income would help the family. It is true, neurosurgery is hard work and provides better income…..But what happened to that six year old who dreamed of becoming a ballerina? Is she there inside, yearning to break free or has she disappeared?

My point is not about ballerinas or little six year olds with their aspirations. My point is this, what happened to us, along the way of growing up? When did we stop being ourselves?

Each and every one of us, at the ripe old age of six or seven, decide who we’re going to be when we grow up. We dwell on the thought of being actors, teachers, television hosts, models, wild life explorers and so much more; but then, we grow up. We grow up, and something goes wrong. We lose touch with the inner part inside of us…we face the reality and we lose our own fantasies.

These are just random thoughts which entered my head. The lady on the side of the road, could have been a dancer. The old man who sells fresh fish in his cart could have been a successful business man. In a perfect world, these people could have achieved it. They would have been dancers and CEOs and goodness knows what. It is not a perfect world, and these people aren’t perfect. That’s the only explanation I’ve got so far and seems enough for me……