Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Words

The last words of a person are the last traces that he/she leaves behind on earth. Like footsteps on the beach, waiting to be washed away by the tide and steam on the windows to turn into droplets of water. They are what you leave behind, what your loved ones remember as your last legacy, your last impression.

There are famous last words like.. "No!" of Alexander Graham Bell and "Ram!" translated as "Oh, God!" by Mahatma Gandhi. Words of famous people, revolutionists are always remembered.. always there...

Then there are those words which are lost forever. The ones which are a mystery and which we will always be trying to make out. The ones which never stop being an enigma to us.

The words of our loved ones which linger in our hearts forever

"In essence, the conflict that exists today is no more than an old-style struggle for power, once again presented to mankind in semi religious trappings. The difference is that, this time, the development of atomic power has imbued the struggle with a ghostly character; for both parties know and admit that, should the quarrel deteriorate into actual war, mankind is doomed. Despite this knowledge, statesmen in responsible positions on both sides continue to employ the well-known technique of seeking to intimidate and demoralize the opponent by marshaling superior military strength. They do so even though such a policy entails the risk of war and doom. Not one statesman in a position of responsibility has dared to pursue the only course that holds out any promise of peace, the course of supranational security, since for a statesman to follow such a course would be tantamount to political suicide. Political passions, once they have been fanned into flame, exact their victims ... Citater fra..."
-The last words of Albert Einstein