Monday, November 17, 2008

Mundane Monday

(No, that's NOT me... because if that were me, I'd prolly be dead and plus... I'm not bald)

~ Sat around bored because the computer seems to have a mind of its own and wouldn't turn on

~ Watched another lame movie... I slept through most of it and was awaken to my brother screaming "you missed it!" Apparently it was "way cooler" than I thought it was

~ Sat around a bit more bored because the computer seems to like my brother more than me and turn on when he pressed the button

~ Sat around being MORE bored until dad came

~ Gave dad a new hairstyle since he agreed to be victim of my boredom :D

~ Laughed till my eyes watered because my hair-styling skills suck. Seriously, never come to me to get your hair done unless you want the theme of your hair to be "a disaster".

~ Watched Larry the Cable Guy and decided that his jokes aren't as funny as I was hoping they would be


Now said...

maybe oneday i will come to you to style my hair. and be careful i lurrve my hair a lot desastor theme is ok as long as the hair is still on the head. and it seems the drool is having a negative impact now lolx

*~*Ryn*~* said...

Ohh.. you'll have about one hair or maybe two left on your head.. :D :D

And yes.. I need more drool.. care to spare some?

Disguise said...

I like the picture :)

~x@hu~ said...

lolz!! poor u honey!! a board in a rut, aren't u?? hols not going too good huh??

tsk, tsk, your poor father!! what have u done to the poor man???

p.s. kiflan has better taste in movies than u! :P :P

*~*Ryn*~* said...

disguise: yep.. bald guy has his charm :D :D

anths: his hair's back to normal.. I wouldn't let him go out into the public with his new 'do. The movie was "Stormbreaker"!!!!! Excxuse me if i dont want all the agents to be teeny hotties... *yawn*

Now said...

stormbreaker was not that bad the gal was a hottie and the mail was great, her first scenes were funny lolx, and the pics reely great. when i first commented the pic was not there

~x@hu~ said...

aha! see?? now is someone with taste in movies unlike SOMEONE!!! :P :P

Now said...

here are some corrections to my comment
"stormbreaker was not that bad the gal was a hottie and the MAID was great, her FIGHT scenes were funny lolx, and the pics reely great. when i first commented the pic was not there"
unlike WHO????!!!?????

*~*Ryn*~* said...

Lolx.. fine okay okayy.. I was just sleepy, the movie was actually great *blah blah*

She meant you have great taste in movie unlike me.. which is not really saying much.. :P

Anonymous said...

lolzzz.. great post! do you always feel bored like this? Liked your blog very much-am a first time visitor here

*~*Ryn*~* said...

It's just some of the time when there isn't anything to do. ;)

Thanks for stopping by. :D

noelia ~ said...

i don't think you're a man either lol

*~*Ryn*~* said...

hehe.. yeah, that too. XD

Jimmy said...

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*~*Ryn*~* said...

thanks a lot! :D

Yeah.. i will check out your site. =)

Diana said...

Can u style my bored with it now..

*~*Ryn*~* said...

lolxx... if you're alright with having destruction for hair then I'd totally do it!!! :D