Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Felt the Sun Set Down On Me

After a post which made no sense, I thought I would actually write something that wasn't well... insane. This is actually something which I came across while I was cleaning out my cupboard. I came across a whole notebook which I had written in and completely forgotten about. I don't actually even remember why I wrote this, except for the fact that I may have been all shattered and heartbroken.

I Felt The Sun Set Down On Me

The bird’s screech, a sound of warning

The look on my face, a look of wanting

Desire has come and erased my past

Now all I can say is that it happened way too fast

Every detail now not the same

Me and you in every picture, every frame

Love forever, yet forever was not true

And you disappeared without a clue

I felt the sun set down on me

I felt the waters ripple in the sea

Like a jigsaw never complete, without one part

I felt like a song which had ended, although it did not start

The world looked like a simple arithmetic sum then

Yet now I am in tears and all I can ask is “When?”

“When will the sun rise up and shine,

Shine down on me and make you mine?

Just then the clouds shook and rumbled

An answer for sure but even then I fumbled

Then it started; they started to cry, tears which kept falling on me

With theirs’ mine washed away and let me be

I feel better, I feel strong

But I know meeting you was not wrong

It made me wiser, made me better

Made me burn down all your letters

I felt the sun shine down on me

I felt the warm cool breeze and the crystal sea

Like a butterfly flits out of its cocoon, metamorphosis

I fly free and complete, proving wrong my hypothesis


Anonymous said...

Wow. You're a poet.
And I didn't even know it.
That rhymes, so I guess I'm one too! :)
But jokes apart, this was beautiful! *sigh*

*~*Ryn*~* said...

Awww ki. Thanks. anyone can be a poet. That was just a way of venting when I was twelve.. LOL But thanks.. *hugs*