Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One of those TAGS!!!! Version 2.0 (A..K.A the milk-packet-guy version)

I am : doing this version of this tag totally for Ki! ;)
I think : I am going to write all sorts of funny stuff in this version of the tag

I know : that the guy I threw the milk packet at through the class window will take his revenge

I want : to sit near the window so that I can keep a look out for the milk-packet-guy

I have : a whole bunch of stuff gathered to throw at him if he shows up

I wish : that I would seriously get over this whole throwing stuff out of the window thing.. but the rebel inside me is yearning to break free ;)

I hate : the milk-packet-guy, OF COURSE! (this one was kinda obvious!) XD

I miss : the cute guy who used to come by the ATM in front of the window during break

I fear : getting caught throwing stuff at the milk-packet-guy!!!

I hear : him yelling at me whenever I throw something...

I smell : the smell of success whenever he throws a fit on the road and everyone else on the road stares at him

I crave : chocolate... we eat it while throwing stuff at him :D

I search : for milk-packet-guy every break time

I wonder : if he will ever complain to the school administrative or the school office

I regret : throwing the first ever milk packet through the window instead of the dustbin

I love : enraging the milk-packet-guy

I ache : when he skillfully dodges all the pieces of chalk... (the oldie watched Matrix!)

I was not : pointing at the milk-packet-guy (even though he thought I was), I found the butterfly flying past more interesting than him.. so.. :P to the milk-packet-guy

I am not : obsessed with the milk-packet-guy. I AM NOT!

I cry : when I'm all alone.. seriously I have been crying more and more recently...what IS up with my tear ducts?

I believe : kicking milk-packet-guy's butt with nothing but a milk packet! :D

I dance : whenever there's music.. and sometimes when there is none.. like that time in front of the principal while she was talking to me.. the woman thought I went mad! XD

I sing : the 'victory song' whenever I manage to ruin milk-packet-guy's shirt with chalk
I read : everything and anything which a human being can possibly read

I don't always : have perfect aim with those milk packets!

I fight : with anyone who annoys me! WATCH OUT!

I write : all that I feel.

I win : every battle againt the now-infamous milk-packet-guy

I lose : battles with the ATM hottie, I cant seem to throw anything at him!

I never : seriously mess with people this often.

I always : apologize profusely if I do something wrong (except for the milk-packet-guy of course!)

I confuse : the milk-packet-guy about whether or not I'm actually one of those rebellious people who are always creating mayhem.

I listen : to the milk-packet-guy swear whenever I bomb him with chalk (happily listen!)

I can usually be found : bombarding the milk-packet-guy with chalk during break time.

I am scared : that he might actually complain to school and I would get B.U.S.T.E.D!

I need : to think of something un-rebellious to do during my break time...

I am happy : when the milk-packet-guy shows up perfectly on time... and I am waiting for him with bombs!! *evil laugh*

I imagine : that you probably think I'm insane by now...
I tag: Now!!!


Anonymous said...

I love it! :)
It's the funniest version yet. :D
Thank you. <3

Zahfa said...

WHOOOOO is this poor milk-packet fellow??
the poor unsuspecting defenseless man!! must be cursing his fate for the horrors that rain down upon him everyday!!
u bully u!! :D :D

*~*Ryn*~* said...

ki: hehe thnx! U're always welcome. *hugs*

zahfa: hehe the milk packet fellow is just a guy I torture... XD and yea.. i am the bully..

Now said...

soooo wheres my hug lolx

*~*Ryn*~* said...

i'm sorry.. i refuse to hug people who don't like being hugged :P

Now said...

hey guys dont you think ryn is falling for the milk packet guy lolx

*~*Ryn*~* said...

NOOo.. did u NOT read the part abt the ATM hottie? Lolz.. kiddin. I am not fallin for either one of em.. and I think someone is just a tad bit jealous :P

Now said...

is it i could guess that lolx. and i even heard the guy quit his job because of you nuisance

*~*Ryn*~* said...

he DID not quit his job.. he just found some other way of gettin out of the buildin.. but I'll find him.. no worries XD