Monday, June 9, 2008

BFFs.. Forever... :D

This one's for my best friend in this whole universe, Maththu...
I wrote about her in Banging on Drums and Breaking the Emergency Glass..
She was kinda upset about it and this is to make up for it.

10 Reasons why You are my Best Friend....

#10 You have the sweetest way of caring about whatever I do
#9 You drag me out of all the sticky stuff that i get myself into
#8 I'm peanut butter and you're jelly (we're different but we're great together!)
#7 We may get into our fights but we get through them anyway.. i know we will.. we always do...
#6 You get emotional real easy.... and I'm the only one who can make you feel better (i love the fact that I am).
#5 We like the same stuff... well.. sort of.. but mostly...
#4 We crack the weirdest jokes.. and most people other than us don't them
#3 We understand the consequences of having a weird family ;)
#2 We love each other tons!! :D
#1 and I know that there are million more reasons why she's my best friend..

I hope you like this.. I really do.. and I'm totally sorry.


malees said...

hi i am sorry for the late commenting yea thanks and u really are y bestfriend and u should know that ;D thanks thanks and its ok but mafax sucks