Friday, February 29, 2008

Banging on Drums and Breaking the Emergency Glass.....

You know how when people get angry, they do things unintentionally.....things that they know will come back and bite their asses. They throw tantrums, burst into tears and say things which they know that they wouldn't normally say.

I have this friend, she got kind of mad today when she found out that her ex's girl friend had hacked her email address. We were at band practice when she told me about it......I tried to look it in a glass half-full way and she almost ate my head off. Seriously, (she plays side drum, BTW) she started banging on and it and shouting. Me and Maxee on the other hand, we actually burst into laughter; which I know is really insensitive or whatever but SERIOUSLY she looked hilarious!

I guess we all have times when we just lose when we're playing an arcade game and you've played the same level for about fifteen times and still lose, you kick it with your leg and start shouting. We give up and press the stop button.

Life has us running around in circles, spinning in a carousel which never stops......I personally don't like carousels, I never have. They always end up making me puke and watching French fries and chocolate come out as puke isn't exactly what I would call my kind of thing. We either have the brown paper bag, or we don't. Sometimes, it may seem like the world is ending, or that you have no purpose.............

BUT THE REST OF THE spend it, crashing cymbals and laughing with the guy that makes your entire day worth it................. Lolz. Yea, seriously, it makes life a whole lot better. Because, the ugly truth is, when you feel like the world going to end, you either need new friends or a new world. One or the other. I have amazing friends, or at least AN amazing friend who makes me laugh whenever I look at him....... But we even have our rough times. I suppose that in those times... you really need to find something to bang on or at least an emergency glass to break.


malees said...

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ook ok mafaz and jodie sucks