Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Fatansy is Better than a Reality

Today was total bliss. Actually, it was fun, not bliss because too much sun and running around was involved. I had my first head girl duty today! I had to go to another primary school with A (yes, the one in the story below)! We finally talked, OK, we had to talk but still, we did!!! My first duty and I had to share it with him, which is..... i don't know...great! We had so much fun!

You know how there are moments in life which you remember forever. Well, today this whole thing was one of those moments. Where you feel like you are living a dream and being someone else in this fantasy.

It only takes a moment for fantasy to change back to reality, where you fall back down to earth and go on with your old and prior life. But then he smiles at you, you get back into that fantasy all over again......