Monday, February 11, 2008

Winning the Battle, Losing a War

I have HUGE news!! I won the election!!!!! YAY! But then again, with laughter comes tears, one of my friends didn't get a post and cried her eyes out! I felt so bad for her, I spent the entire time at school feeling crummy.

But I guess things are looking really good for me from now on. The teachers are all really proud of me, one thing which shocked me was that I didn't know that they cared so might be the work of my grandma's good luck charm. I never really believed in good luck charms, four-leaf clovers or well, pennies. Now, all I can say is, find a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck.

One thing which shocked me was that, when they told me I was chosen I didn't get all happy and jumpy, I felt RELIEVED, of all feelings! I mean, sure it' s a relief to know that what you have been aiming for seven years has finally become yours, but even still. I thought there would at least be some smiles and shrieks. Surprisingly NO! Apparently, my body is totally incapable of creating any happy feelings! I guess, it just hasn't sunk in yet. I don't know, maybe.

S's really happy. I'm glad for her. She's Deputy Head Girl, which means we'll get to stick together a lot! And also, there's A. I don't know what to say about him. He's in my class, and he's Head Boy. Everyone thinks its a big deal, that he's head boy and I'm head girl! I mean usually both Head Girl and Head Boy never comes from the same class, but we're just people and there have been Head Girls and Boys before us! I find the A just laughs whenever they say anything like that positively annoying. And I just forgot that I was pretending that he didn't exist (another loooonnng story)! I have caved so many times today, that I cannot believe we're still doing this no-existing thing (we're pretending with each other that we don't exist.) Apparently, the school thinks we're good-lookign couple. I say, they are nuts. Not to mention. I'm actually supposed ot be catching up on something, but I promise that I'll be posting about the loooonnng story later!

"I do not steal victory" - Alexander the Great