Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Thy Emeny

OK, here's the story between me and A. We met last year, on the first day of band practice. We've been friends ever since! Normally, I would say that I've been through more with him than with any other of my friends. There's the 26th Parade, the utter horror of cadet practices and not to mention those band practices where the instructor does nothing except shouting, even when you do nothing wrong. I've shared some great moments with him too, last year. Mostly during there parade, where we stuck together most of the time. Especially during night practices, where it was always windy and cold and you almost can't play due to the wind; one night, the school forgot to send out instruments since we switched locations and then we had to stand all night long without playing and one by one, all the people were asking us why we weren't playing! It was horrible but we had countless laughs about it later.

I know, that so far we sounds like we should be best friends but this year, we are in the same class. People in our school, correction, our COUNTRY are very judgmental. They judge every single thing you do, if you paint your house white they'll say by June you'll have to paint it again, if you paint it blue they'll say it's too bright. My point is, my fellow wonderfully horrendous classmates judge ME a lot! The first day, me and A smiled at each other a lot, sort of for confidence and assurance. They took it the wrong way and thought we were dating! We laughed at it and went on with our lives, but they never stopped. We decided, OK fine, I decided that it was better that we stopped talking and acted like we didn't know each other for a while. He took it the wrong way and now, he's not talking to me!! Which is crazy because they finally stopped with the teasing and now he's ignoring me. So, to get to the point, we are now enemies.

There's a proverb which says 'Love Thy Enemy' we ran across it today in English class, I think it completely defines the relationship I have with him. Sometimes he's so annoying that we fight (literally) but then sometimes we smile at each other almost as if we understand what's going on underneath our surfaces. I don't know, all I know is I miss him. I'm not ready to give up those smiles, it feels safe, like the world has stopped spinning and we're all alone. So, what IS this????